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Welcome to the parish website of St. John of Damascus Orthodox Church, a mission of the Orthodox Church in America. We would like to invite you into the sights, sounds, fragrance and Truth of The Ancient Church. The Orthodox Church has been proclaiming The Truth since 33 A.D. as the Church of the Apostles, the Church of Pentecost, the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We invite you to come and experience true worship. All our services are in English. Come and be visually surrounded by the Icons of the Living Saints, hear the ancient chants which are bathed in Holy Scripture and breathe deep the incense of our prayers being lifted up to our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you have never been inside an Orthodox Church, then be prepared to be surprised and humbled. The gift of worship is given to us for the ability to enter into the experience of The Kingdom of God. It is a place of spiritual healing as the Creator renews us, His creation, in the Divine Liturgy.

Our parishioners are very diversified in their spiritual journeys. Most of us at St. John of Damascus are converts from varying church backgrounds, some were born into the Orthodox Faith and still others are very welcomed inquirers. So please come and join us to discover the fullness of the Faith in Orthodoxy.

This website has articles and links to further reading, lectures and even the sounds of Byzantine chant. We encourage you take your time and sift through everything, but to more importantly come and experience True Worship. You are always welcome within our doors, whether you stay for an entire Divine Liturgy or sit for 30 minutes. You are welcome.

Let us praise the illustrious hymnographer John

- Kontakion to St. John of Damascus

Weekly Worship Schedule


6:00 PM - Great Vespers

7:00 PM - Confessions


9:30 AM - 3rd and 6th Hours

10:00 AM- Divine Liturgy

11:40 AM- Sunday School (September - May)

12:00 PM- Coffee Hour


7:00 PM - Daily Vespers

7:45 PM - Adult Education (September - beginning of Lent)

Parish Calendar Welcome to St. John’s

Clergy and Parish Council

Diocesan Bishop: Bisohp Alexander

Priest-in-charge: Fr. John Mikita

Parish Council President: Robert Cain

Parish Council Secretary: Bryan Thomas

Parish Council Treasurer: Xenia Durham


The Dormition Fast begins on August 1st in commemoration of the falling asleep of the Virgin Mary.  The vigil for Transfiguration will be on Friday, August 5th at 7pm and the Liturgy on Saturday, the 6th at 9:00 AM.